oval white dining table

Unique Looking Oval Dining Table for Different Occassions

Oval dining table is one of diverse table forms. Some very early tables were made and used by the Egyptians, and were little more than stone platforms used to keep objects off the floor. They were not used for seating people. Food and drinks were usually put on large plates deposed on a pedestal for eating. The Egyptians made use of various small tables and elevated playing boards. The Chinese […]

unique round coffee tables

Unique Coffee Tables for the Rooms inside Your House

Unique coffee tables could provide an atmosphere of your rooms inside your house to look more exotic or interesting. If you have a flair for the nautical, this type of coffee tables idea is for you. You could even make them by yourself and only need three basic items to make your own boat table: a dingy (or small boat, approximately 4 feet long), a stand for the dingy and […]

reclaimed dining table

Using Reclaimed Wood Dining Table for Your Dining Room

Reclaimed wood dining table is one of the many furniture that you could place inside your dining room or kitchen that would match well with a more traditional or classical theme of a room. Using this type of material is not only good for your budget, but also good for the environment. It is also usually higher in quality compared to any other woods which makes them also higher in […]

pump room chicago menu

The Pump Room Chicago, classy even after renovations

Pump Room Chicago, established October 1, 1938, by Ernie Byfield, is a restaurant located in the Public Chicago Hotel, formerly The Ambassador East, in Chicago’s Gold Coast area. It is a world-wide known restaurant frequented by the rich and famous and has been written about in books and articles. Lucius Beebe, gourmand, author and journalist, included references to The Pump Room in some of his books and articles which make […]